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Optical Journal Podcast

May 30, 2019

Daniel speaks with Valerie Vittu, the founder and owner of Margot & Camille Optique in Philadelphia about her journey into independent eyewear. 


May 23, 2019

Daniel speaks with David Even Salk,  probably THE authority on blue light in eye care today, the longtime owner of Focal Point Opticians, eClips, and Blue Logic Lenses. 

May 16, 2019

Daniel speaks with Katherine Denney, alias Kat The Glasses Girl about Eye Nerds and Kat Eye Optical.

May 9, 2019

Daniel speaks with the founder and CEO of Tekā Eyewear, Tom Kramer. 

May 2, 2019

Daniel speaks with Frances Scholz, optician and owner of Backyard Spectacles out of Alaska.